The storied intergalactic band of heavy metal warriors named, aptly, Metal Warrior, has released their latest single. Entitled Serenity, the song tells the story of the inner turmoil of pain, fear, chaos…and ultimately serenity…that band leader, vocalist and guitarist Pskydin experiences each time he goes through the transition known as The Serenity.


“When I transition, the force is intense,” growls Pskydin. “It can be described as fierce, calm, painful and serene all at the same time. Mere moments on the outside, but the on the inside it is much longer for my mind is filled with the endless caverns and eternal flames of my ancestors,” he continued. “The force is…intense. Always different, always chaotic. It is The Serenity.”


The song also relates how Pskydin has learned to channel external turmoil — pain, fear and chaos — into a serene Zen-like state. This enables the band leader to find light in darkness, peace in the depths of despair, and strength from pain.


“Many have witnessed in awe my mighty power, and have wished for me to relate my secrets,” Pskydin explained. “While it is not possible for mere mortals to achieve my elevated levels of control and chaos, I know that the lyrical expressions in the song Serenity will bring benefit all the same, and students can learn the benefit of being one with their primal soul.”


In addition to being released via streaming services, the single also will make an appearance on vinyl in the upcoming graphic novel Getting The Band Back Together, which tells the story of Metal Warrior’s return from fighting in the Thousand-Years War, their separation and reunion on stage in front of teaming throngs of fans only to discover that something isn’t quite right. The 7” record also includes the song Malaçite Smash on the other side. The graphic novel and included record are available on the band’s website


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