Musical prodigy and frontman, Pskydin is a ferociously powerful leader.

A tortured soul who transformed from a frail humanoid character into the formidable "wolf warrior" that is part of his royal birthright. Having been used as a killing tool by the evil overlord, Oknjar Khamoon, Pskydin once committed horrible atrocities.

Today, Pskydin is a force for good, eternally working to defeat Oknjar to atone for the sins of his past.

Post battle, he greatly enjoys drinking the crushed souls of his enemies because who wouldn't?



Quann / Kwan / Ku' Ahn/ The Hooded One is of unknown gender and the most mysterious and enigmatic of the four.

A magical being that carries the evermore mysterious Black Blade. Semi-sentient, the blade allows the group to travel by creating temporal rifts through the very fabric of the Time Space and Dimension Construct (TSDC).

Quann is a master of the dark arts, in addition to being a complete a wizard on the bass.


Queen Va

The heart of Metal Warrior, Va is revered as both the kindest ruler and most ruthless warrior to ever walk her primal planet. She has a vibrational connection to the animal kingdom that allows her empathic communications over great distance. This enables a special connection with both Pskydin and Torq.

During battle, Queen Va is known to erupt with childlike laughter. Her unique spiritual joy is experienced through mayhem and destroying enemies. This makes her as compelling and beautiful as she is deadly.



Silent but sharply intelligent, the last of the "Great Velutian White Apes" is a spiritual and magical being.

He is a peace-loving creature who will defend himself with clinical, deadly force if threatened. His unique Velutian musculature results in a physicality that is both a bit bendy, and explosively powerful. Torq’s four arms aid in his mesmerizing drumming abilities, as well as fighting and helming the band's spacecraft.

Post battle, he enters into a rhythmic meditative state, turning whatever he finds into a makeshift tribal drum kit with stunning results.